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amazing :)

this is really good :) i like the chalky effect and now it resembles the memories :) he can you look at my warrior guy drawing please coz its the first time iv done something like that so tell me how i did thanks :)

exninja123 responds:

sure i'll look at it :)


nice :) although he looks a bit fat in places its really good :) iv uploaded some drawings on my page so come and check them out and tell me wat you think xD

Kumar responds:

cool thanks, in my newgrounds homepage you will find the picture from where I got the inspiration.

nice :)

this is really good :) keep me posted on any updates about the project? ooks like its gonna be awesome :L only reason its not a ten is coz i dont know wat the thing at the hand is but other than that? great

Artyluck responds:

Thanks, I have a very good writer, so it will be great, I'm sure. I won't tell too much about it, because I want to keep most information in secret till first animation will be ready and published (maybe a month or two). I have some more nice story plots, but that's three different projects which are frozen at moment (will keep them for better times).

About that thing at his hand, well, I was thinking about something like PDA (mini computer) but wanted to show it in unusual way, so I made that flowing and glowing screen (not sure about it at moment). This character will explore the world around him the most of time, so, he'll need something to archive all the information he get (well, it can be a book too, but this flying screen looks more interesting). :)

I'd love to say much, and much more, but let's keep it for series, mkay? ;D

Cheers, and thanks for comment. :)

2008 year project "Action Teens" here: http://erxandar.newgrounds.com/flash/ (frozen at moment, but story is almost finished, I will continue the series, but much later)

wow :)

this is extremely good work :) the hair is amazing and you are very good :D wow maybe you would like to draw me? lol jokes :L anyway good work

Zigan responds:

*blush* Thank you ^_^ I do quick sketch portraits for friends sometimes if they ask, buuuuut if you're joking no worries haha.

Yes...ermm music, art, boys, friends :)

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