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hey :)

2010-01-20 15:12:11 by cutekttie

ermm....hello :) i like to draw and stuff and i hope you like my pics xD


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2010-01-27 20:19:25

ei thank you for commenting on my pictures :)
i really appreciate it


2010-02-04 14:31:23

Nice drawings, you still need some improvements (as do we all) looks like you watch some anime too.

Try this for a change, go out of your comfort zone. Use an iconic character and create your own character.

Iconic can be any "thing" a car, an apple, something that people can recognize. then give it human features, like a face, arms what ever.

draw simple don't go to into too much detail and build a backdrop something that will go with the character.

If you decide to give it a go, hit me up and let me know.

cutekttie responds:

hey thanks i think i will try that :) Any ideas though? im not very good at thinking things up :/


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